Friday, August 11, 2017

Cinderella it's today!

Cinderella Cast

Friday,  August  11


Due to new venue; We will have to change our schedule for the day:

Please allow the students to REST and RELAX


I need the following Characters to come to the dance studio at 12:00 pm

Prince Charming





Step Mother

Step Sisters

Fairy Godmother

Mice: Jaq, Luke, Perla, Gus, Kendal, Kenadi, Hannah M., Eliza 


Regardless of what the students might say or think because sometimes I think out loud nothing is final until it is posted.-ALL the costumes previously posted ARE correct. If you do not know exactly what parts your students play- here is the list:


Adeline F.-Pumpkin/Mouse

Alley G.-Narrator

Amanda L- Royal Court/ Ensemble

Anna L- Royal court/ Ensemble

Bailey G- Royal court/ Ensemble

Brittany C- Royal Court/Ensemble

Caleb B- Prince Charming

Caseyn M- Herald

Clay F.- Town Crier

Darcy B- Anastasia

Eliza- Mouse

Farad T- Narrator

Hanna M- mouse

Hannah E- Narrator

Hannah Rose- Ensemble/ Royal court

Hazel- Cinderella

Isabella H- Pumpkin/ Mouse

Jacina- Royal Court/ Ensemble

James- Royal Court/ Ensemble

Jonas- Grand Duke

Kaeleb M- Town Crier

Karabella- Mouse/ Pumpkin

Kalie W- Royal Court/ Ensemble

Keegan- Town Crier

Kenda Johnson- Perla

Kyndall & Kynnadi- Mice

Max- Jaq

Meadow- royalcourt/ ensemble

Megan- Fairy Godmother

Mia- Pumpkin/ Mouse

Paige- Royal court/ ensemble

Quincy- Royal court/ ensemble

Rachel R- Town Crier

Sarah T- Royal court/ ensemble

Sophie- Step Mother

Tanner- Luke

Tobie- Drizella

Zachary B- Town Crier

Hannah P- Royal court/ ensemble

Kyleigh- Royal court/ ensemble

Weston- King

Jackson- Royal court/ ensemble




****If your name did not appear in the list: YOU are ensemble



The rest of the cast will come around 3:30TO THE CABOOL HIGH SCHOOL Auditorium to get dressed in costume and be prepared to run through the play on stage for the first time with the mics and props. If we have time I need to run through it again, but we will end by 6:00 pm for the audience to come in.


During the rehearsal and waiting time for the performance at 7:00, I would like the students to eat light snacks to prevent sleepiness. Grapes, crackers, cheese, carrots, or lunch like foods would be best for them and ONLY water.


We are at the countdown. The SHOW is less than 24 hours away!


Thank you for your patience