Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cinderella final day

Cinderella -
August 12th, Saturday

WOW- first time actors, you did a great job- that was a lot of "firsts" yesterday and I think you will find it easier today.

Two reminders from the directors:
-Please remember NOT to put your back to the audience
- speak clearly and keep the dialogue going. If the audience doesn't hear you, they cannot follow the story.

Everyone did a much better job on expression last night I was very pleased. And notice how the audience laughed when you were getting into your character and being expressive. That is your goal for this next performance is to keep the audience
Engaged at all times.

We have a performance at 3:00
Call time is 2:00- an hour before to prepare and get dressed. If main characters (except mice) could be there at 1:30 I would like to help show them a couple things, and also try something different with the Mics because they don't fit their ears.

The tiny children do not need to be there until closer to 3 o'clock.

After the 3 o'clock show please STAY on the stage we are going to have a cast picture.

Again thank your parents, yesterday was a very difficult time that we have never experienced. Everyone pulled together and helped to get this show on. You and your children are Awesome. See you soon.