Saturday, March 17, 2018

Last day Aristocats

Aristocats production cast:
Listen up😊lots to know-

PRE-SHOW cloggers 3:00 rehearsal

3:00 Scat, Duchess, Toulouse, Berlioz,
4:00 O'Malley, All other cats and dogs

This will be the order of pictures, dress accordingly: notice the numbers are backwards for scene changes so start with number 1-

8. Main Alley cats with O'Malley and Instruments

7. All alley cats in the alley

6. Edgar on motorbike with background

5. The hounds with fence

4. Geese with water

3. Aristocats with Madame And Edgar in the house

2. Roquefort the mouse 

1. Full cast in House

We will need to do the pictures in one hour from 5 to 6 so please cooperate and listen carefully to Arlene

You will then have some time to eat some snacks please do not eat a full dinner just some snacks because you will not have Time to change out of your costume.

We will need help again from parents to clean up the building and move everything back over to the opus building. We will need one truck to be able to drive the trailer to the school to load up  and return back which is right in town. This will be a lot less work because we will not need to move the windows today. And it is a smaller building to clean. I was amazed at how fast everything went last week because of everyone's help.

Thank you parents, board members and students for all of your cooperation and help. It has been a wonderful experience. 💗

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Aristocats March 15

Aristocats production cast:

1. Tonight is dress rehearsal at the high school auditorium in Cabool at 8:00 PM We will not be doing make-up or getting into costumes. We will do a straight run through.

2. On Friday I need everyone there according to this list.

4:00 Scat cat, All Aristocats, o'Malley

5:30 any cats and dogs 12 and up

6:00 remainder cast

You will get into your costumes and make up according to your time. Please be on your best behavior I will not be able to arrive until around 6:45 so I am counting on everyone to get prepared accordingly.

3. On Saturday, we are having cast pictures at 5 o'clock. I will post later what times we need you there to get your make up and everything ready so we can all have pictures done at 5.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Arista cat Showtime

Aristocats cast:

We are meeting at 4 o'clock to do a run through since our dress rehearsal was interrupted last night. We will not be doing costumes or make up until after we run through it and the kids can go back and get ready before 7 o'clock. Remember to make sure your children are wearing dark colored socks.

It is almost showtime!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Aristocats cast March 7

Aristocats Cast

We are having an additional practice today from four to 5 o'clock so that students are able to focus and remember what they did yesterday. I will not be going over I just want to have some consistency for them.

We will be there at 3:45 if students can arrive early to get their costumes on and we can start at 4 o'clock

All students are to wear black or dark socks no shoes on stage

Still looking for the following items:
Blank art Canvas 
Painters Palette
Paint brush
Cat taxi
Metal Trash cans
Wheel barrow
Hay heap

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Aristocats music for practice

Click this link to access the Aristocats music files! Please note - you can only get to the page by using this link.

Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5 through the 10th no classes

We are closed this week for production there are no classes

Aristocats costumes

Aristocats Cast: Costumes to Bring to Monday rehearsal (What you have)

Dutchess: white dress, gloves, furr shawl, white tights

Toulouse: Charcoal shorts/jacket, gray knee socks

Marie: white leo/ tutu, white tights

Berloiz: Rust orange shorts/vest, brown knee socks

Thomas: Brown /orange suit


All Alley Cats: grungy clothes: pants, shorts,shirts. preferably grays, black, or browns. If

shirt has accent colors go dark. ex: blue- go navy, green-go forest, yellow-mustard, red-maroon

gloves with no fingers


Edgar: Tux, black shoes


Roquefort: We have your costume


Geese: We have your costume


Hounds/dogs: Anything Camo- clothing and hats


(Everyone is an Alley Cat except Teagan, and these students are also 

hounds/dogs: Carder, Nate, Sophie, Layne, Hannah P, Lissy, Bailey, Meadow, Jaden, Corbin, and Becca)


call for Questions: 254-3168