Monday, June 11, 2018

June 12

June 12th, 2018 STARS DAY SCHEDULE:

9-11:00     Dance Studio Competition Clogging
11-12:00   Dance Studio Clogging for Fun

11-12:00   Opus Music Classes (For all vocalists and music students)

1-5:30       Dance Studio  Ballet Camps

5:30-7       Dance Studio  Jazmynn's Farewell Party! 
                 Bring Snacks to share

7:00-8:30 Opus Orchestra Rehearsal for June 30th Concert

8:30-        Opus and Dance Studio open for All STARS to rehearse for July 3

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer News

June 5th 2018

Today is the first official summer STARS Tuesday schedule!

Every Tuesday we have FREE classes offered through summer:

June 5ths classes:

Dance Studio: clogging 11:00-12:00
  (Practice for Saturday clogging at Willow Care Nursing Home)

Opus : Music class: vocalists and instrumentalists are welcome 11-12:30
(Composer History and Theory)

Peterson Residence: piano lesson check up available first come first serve ( call for a time) 

Each week these activity details will be posted soon and appear on the student schedule tab on the web.

Have a Great Day 😊

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Recital day May 19

Saturday May 19th Recital Day
Melba Theater Houston

Instructions from the instructors for tonight!!!!!!! Read Carefully

Jazz/ Hip Hop Jazzmyn Class

.All older teen group be there at 3 p.m with hair in braids, hair straightener, extra pony tails, hair brush, foundation on. Must have your black tank top and BRING BLACK LEGGINGS

.Tween Group- be there at 3:30p.m, hair back in a curly pony tail, in outfit (unless they are in any other previous dance numbers before this one) bring black socks, black shoes (black jazz shoes if they have some) have foundation and make up done. Bring Black spanky Shorts.

.Advanced teen group- bring big bows (Anna will be providing them) 

.Little girls- be there at 4 p.m- hair half up and half down curly, in outfits, make up done and ready.

Jazz/Hiphop Hannah's Class

Girls bring black leggings- the rest provided be there at 5:45 for stage run through. Have hair curled half up half down.

Orchestra with David

Instruments, music, all black
Be there at 6


All star shirt and black leggings with ballet shoes, black socks, Titus there

Competition cloggers:

Jeans all star shirt or stars foundation shirt - if you do not have either just wear a black t shirt

Clogging- Lori Classes

You MUST have your $5 to get your shirt-There will be no billing- thanks

Friday, May 11, 2018

Singing in the rain May 11

Singing in the rain:

Girls need to report between four and 5 o'clock to get their hair and make up done

Boys can report between 530 and 6

Pre-show lineup:

Joel plays background music from 6:15 to 6:40


Fiddle me Gilley – you will need to wear your all-star shirt and black pants and leggings

The Swan


Show at 7

When you check-in, please make sure all of your things are where you need them and ready to go. Intermission will occur after the number singing in the rain.

Do not under any circumstances move a prop or anything that is on stage

No one can leave until after those two pictures are taken tonight!!!!!!!

Good luck on the show, thank you

Monday, May 7, 2018

May 7 through May 12 changes

MAY 7 through May 12

Please read for things that pertain to you as we near the end of the semester: THERE are changes

1.  ALL CLASSES and LESSONS resume this week with the exception of Jodie Forbes students.

2. Please get tuition caught up

3. Monday, May 7-7:00 need all string students ONLY-to attend orchestra for a special number we are preparing for 
On May 19th.

4. Monday, May 7- 8:00 meet at the Cabool high school for play practice run through.

5. Tuesday, May 8th 8:15 at the Cabool High School for pre- show rehearsal
For:  "Greatest Show" Ensemble,
Tight Rope duet, Joel piano, Never Enough, Swan, Tears of an Angel, Fiddle me Gilley , Flatliner

6. Symphony tickets – I need to know by the end of the day Tuesday if anyone needs tickets to the symphony

7. Thursday, May 10th 8:15 Singin in the Rain Dress Rehearsal.

Eight. Competition clogging – we will not have class on Friday at five, Due to the play however, we will have class 8 to 11 AM Saturday morning

Saturday, May 5, 2018

May 5, 2018

Saturday, May 5th Super Duper Day!

9:00 clogging at Houston main street next to the drugstore

Music will be playing throughout the festival and tours of the Melba Theater will be going on

Singing in the Rain cast :

Girls make up and hair will be at 12:30 -2:30 at GIGi salon in Houston. This is the only time we can do hair and make up because of the pictures and not being able to get into Theater so please be there

ANYONE can join the cast if they would like to for the outing at 3 o'clock. We will be going to the Houston Movie theater to watch avengers

5:30after the movie we will be going to the Melba for pictures

And then we have the show to perform

And then we will need to pack everything up and move it to the Cabool auditorium

This is a big day I will need everyone's cooperation and focus thank you

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Singin Practice

Singin in the Rain:

Rehearsal schedule today-

4:00 fit as a fiddle (Don & Cosmo)

5:00 Singin in the Rain tappers 

6:00 individual scenes


7:00 Lucky Stars and other needs with Mrs Peterson to finish