Friday, September 8, 2017

Annie rehearsal

Annie Rehearsal

Saturday September 9th. 9 to 12 AM at the Opus building at Hwy 181 (old Cabool Cinema) will be an all cast rehearsal with everyone that is involved with the production

We will hand out Scripts and rehearsal schedules for the next two months.

Look forward to seeing everyone!

And yes, adults or anyone above the age of 16 may still register to participate

Monday, September 4, 2017

Reminders for 9/4/17

Good morning, all! A couple of additional reminders today: 
1. Rehearsals for Annie begin tonight, 8:30 - 9:30 pm at the dance studio on Main St. This is for Cast A and B EXCEPT orphans. Full rehearsal schedule will be available soon. 
2. Ballet students - Auditions for the Great Russian Nutcracker are THIS Saturday, September 9 in Springfield. You MUST register online at

3. Please note - while we do begin classes TODAY, violin and vocals will not start until September 11.

4. All-STARS begins October 4.

5. Art students in the 11 & up class - each of you needs a 9x12 spiral drawing pad, not a sketch book. It needs to be for drawing or mixed media as sketch book paper is too thin.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thank you

I wanted to say thank you to so many of you who reached out to our family and showered us with, love, cards, gifts, meals and service. We were truly blessed. Thank you for your patience and giving us time. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Love, the Peterson family💕

ANNIE cast

I am sorry for the delay. This is not an easy task. There were many prepared and wonderful auditions.
Thank you for coming, I hope you will enjoy your experience participating and trust that we can work together to make a spectacular show while allowing everyone to grow and learn.
Our first rehearsal will be Monday Evening at 8:30 at the Dance Studio at 519 Main for Cast A & B Only- but NOT any orphans. Stay tuned for the Schedule. I will do my best to accommodate.
Scripts will be available at the first rehearsal for a $20 deposit that is refundable when it is returned.
THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE at the discretion of the Director
(Perform Friday & Saturday Evenings)
Annie: Gianna Westlund 
Miss Hannigan: Andrea Williams
Pepper      Kaylie W.
July           Sarah Grace
Molly         Addison S.
Duffy        Ali L.
Tessie       Alley G.
Kate          Abby P.
Grace:    Jennifer Harrison
Warbucks: John Bailey
Rooster: James Lange 
Lily:  Hannah Peterson
CAST B (Perform Thursday Evenings & Saturday Matinees)
Annie: Bailey Gilkeson
Miss Hannigan: Kiera Ryan (Jennifer Harrison-understudy)
Pepper      Lydia S.
July           Zoey
Molly        Addison S. 
                 (Bella -understudy)
Duffy        Ali L.
Tessie      Alley G.
Kate         Abby P.
Grace:    Courtney Burnes
Warbucks: John Bailey
Rooster: Joel Harrison 
Lily:  Honor Harrison
Orphans, Servants, Hooverville, NYC, ect…
Each will have 4-5 scenes with singing, dancing, and lines.

Elizabeth G.
Caleb G
Rebecca G.
Briley G.
Kyleigh P.
Tom M.
Carmen M.
Hanna M.
Meadow M.
Alex. F.
Cheyenne L.
Gavin R.
Lissy P.
Matt P.
Corbin A.
Ty M.
Colin C.
Sophie M.
Quincy C.
Jaeda A.
Mariah M
Deserah M.
Mindy D.
Sam D.
David A.
Brody A.
Amanda L.
Lauren L.
Konnor W.
......and more
*with the exception of “Annie” ALL Cast A & B are welcome to join the ensemble on the evenings off if you would like. Let me know before the first rehearsal.

If your name is not listed, please contact me at 417-254-3168 so as to not leave anyone out that registered.

Thank you

Monday, August 28, 2017


Annie Audition Results

Thank you for coming and participating in this exciting event. We had a wonderful turn out. If there are any of you who did not have the opportunity to register, you are still welcome to do so until September 8. Everyone who auditioned and registered will be a part of the production.
Each person is given a number to prevent Bias from the Judges
Scores are given during auditions. This is the following breakdown:
o   60% Vocals (pitch, phrasing, annunciation, rhythms)
o   30% Stage Presence (memory, audience engaged, choreo, acting)
o   10% appearance (How well you dressed for the character)
Scores are added and averaged to decide the final call backs: they are posted in order of scores
Tuesday,  August  29 at 7:00 pm at 519 Main Street will be the Call Backs
Here we will determine chemistry and how well the character voices blend
Please prepare the following for each character call back:
Go to: 
Annie:   Zoey, Gianna, Bailey, and Abby
Orphans: Ali L, Alley G., Bella, Addison, Sarah Grace, Hazel, Kaylie
Hannigan: Jennifer, Andrea, Kierra
Be familiar and know dialogue and music for All of Scene 1 #2  thru #4
Annie:   Zoey, Gianna, Bailey and Abby
Grace:  Courtney, Carmen, Elizabeth, Alex
Warbucks: John
Be familiar and know dialogue and music for All of page 47-53 and NYC song
Hannigan: Jennifer, Andrea, Kierra
Lily/ Rooster:  Hannah & James , Joel & Honor
Be familiar and know the Dialogue and music for all of page 63 starting with Rooster to pg 69 with Easy Street song
Good Luck. At this point scores will start over again based on call back performance. Everyone who did not have a call back has parts- there are 33 roles to fill- these were just the ones that needed to come back to make final decisions.
Stay tuned for rehearsal schedule

Monday, August 14, 2017


As some of you may already know, STARS Executive Director Rebecca Peterson and husband Matt's oldest daughter, Tessa Peterson, passed away unexpectedly due to complications from diabetes on August 12. In light of this tragedy, the beginning of the fall semester at STARS has been rescheduled from August 21 to Monday, September 4, 2017.

Private music lesson schedules will be complete and posted sometime during the week of August 21. If you have scheduling or registration related questions, please contact Katie Montgomery at 417-252-4290 or If you have payment or billing related questions, please contact Cindy Lundberg at 406-781-9754 or

Funeral arrangements are as follows:

Viewing will be at 10:00 am Saturday, August 19 at the LDS Chapel, 8507 Highway E in Houston, Missouri. The memorial service will follow at 11:00 am, with burial immediately after in the Cabool Cemetery. All are welcome to attend.

For service information please contact Elliott-Gentry-Carder Funeral Home, 417-962-3123. Memorial contributions can be made to the family through Elliott-Gentry-Carder.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cinderella final day

Cinderella -
August 12th, Saturday

WOW- first time actors, you did a great job- that was a lot of "firsts" yesterday and I think you will find it easier today.

Two reminders from the directors:
-Please remember NOT to put your back to the audience
- speak clearly and keep the dialogue going. If the audience doesn't hear you, they cannot follow the story.

Everyone did a much better job on expression last night I was very pleased. And notice how the audience laughed when you were getting into your character and being expressive. That is your goal for this next performance is to keep the audience
Engaged at all times.

We have a performance at 3:00
Call time is 2:00- an hour before to prepare and get dressed. If main characters (except mice) could be there at 1:30 I would like to help show them a couple things, and also try something different with the Mics because they don't fit their ears.

The tiny children do not need to be there until closer to 3 o'clock.

After the 3 o'clock show please STAY on the stage we are going to have a cast picture.

Again thank your parents, yesterday was a very difficult time that we have never experienced. Everyone pulled together and helped to get this show on. You and your children are Awesome. See you soon.