Monday, November 20, 2017



The STARS FOUNDATION is closed the week of November 20-November 24

Tonight November 20 we will be having orchestra only 5-7:30 at Opus

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Return Annie script

I also forgot, all of you need to return yourAnnie script – if they are not returned before Monday then we will have to keep your deposit. Remember to erase all of your pencil markings.

Thank you

Annie, Saturday final show

Annie Cast:

PICTURES are very important after such hard work. Several of you are not available tomorrow afternoon, but I was trying to prevent you from being tortured between shows-unfortunately I believe we are going to try and do the pictures right after the first show. So do not change out of your clothes we are going to work backwards to prepare for the second show and take pictures IMMEDIATELY after the first show.

Here will be the order as follows:

Cast B - Grace, Warbucks, Annie
Cast B - Hannigan, Rooster, Lily

1.Full cast in Mansion at Christmas-A
2. Cabinet Scene
3. Healy Show-A
4. Fully dressed children
5. Easy street- A
6. NYC-A
7. I think I'm gonna like it here-A
8. Little Girls
9. Hooverville 
10. Hard knock life

We will have less than an hour to do these pictures. And I know that you were going to want to eat as well. So make sure you already have your food with you so you can eat while we're doing pictures in between

Cast B will take those two pictures following the show while Cast A is getting dressed. And then we will take the pictures in that order so that we are ready for the next show.

I'm sorry I can't make it perfect for everyone but we're going to try this and see if it works-please let me have all of your cooperation.

You are a fabulous group and you know that you mean the world to me and that you have worked extremely hard. But let me say that what little time I have been able to wander into the audience they are all flabbergasted by the success of the show.

Love you all, good luck

Monday, November 6, 2017

Scheduling changes November 6-11

THE STARS FOUNDATION has some schedule changes for the week of 
November 6-11 Due to last Production week of Annie. Read carefully

Monday: All regular classes scheduled as is -Nutcracker participants Will rehearse this evening at the dance studio at 8:30 PM.

Tuesday: All regular classes scheduled as is-Annie production will rehearse at 8:30 at the high school. All Springfield lessons will occur Tuesday morning

Wednesday: there will be no private lessons, or ALL STARS. Everyone will attend their regular classes during the week. The Russian ballet nutcracker performance is at 7 PM in Springfield and all participants will need to be prepared to leave early. (Rides will be worked out accordingly) we will leave at 11:00 am. Details given at rehearsal 

Thursday: All classes will resume except the following-
1. 6:00 Gymnastics class will begin Warming up at 5:30-work till 6:30
2. 7-8 Hip Hop class will be canceled that day for the show
3. 6:00 art class is canceled 
4. 7:00 Orchestra is canceled 
5. Lange's cello class is moved to 3:30-4:30

Friday- Clogging classes canceled 
Mt. View:
We are needing to leave by 5:30 so the classes will be set up differently:
Piano: 2:20 Woolsey 
            2:40 Melissa Weaver Woolsey 
            3:00 Laura Walton Maxwell
            3:20 Kody
            3:40 Jasmine 
            4:00 Jayden

Dance: 3:00 private
         3:15-4- is the 5:15-6 class
         4-4:30- is the 6-6:30 class
         4:30-5:30- is the 6:30-7:30 class

We apologize for this inconvenience during the production, however without the production fundraiser we would not have enough funds to operate. Please come support us and see the show.

*all canceled classes will receive a credit in the December billing.

Please contact me if these changes do not work for you and we will see how we can better assist you. 254-3168

Thank you

Friday, November 3, 2017

Annie cast November 3


Friday night November 3

1. Anyone involved in the pre-show can wear their costumes and do not have to wear the jeans and Annie T-shirt

2. Tonight we will begin the preshow at 6:30 with clogging numbers.

3. Do not arrive before 5 o'clock to get ready, and when you are ready do not go on the stage-wait in the stairwell until you are asked to come on

4. Try to have hair and make up done before you come

Thank you

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Annie cast

Orchestra will be there at 6:30:

I think we should take advantage of that and have EVERYONE there to rehearse Cast B and then 8:30 Cast A

Long night, but will be better served.

Annie things to get:

Little girls with Christmas Dresses-
Need white lace socks folded down with any dress shoe 

Boylan Sisters- fishnet stockings

Mansion staff- black sheer hose

All guys- black or brown dress shoe

There are plenty of resources for shoes- so come to me if you need a certain size or don't have it before you go buying it

This will be a full out dress rehearsal minus the hair and make up

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Just a reminder, all classes and lessons are canceled for the entire week for the production of Annie!!!

See you at the Show!!!