Thursday, August 31, 2017

ANNIE cast

I am sorry for the delay. This is not an easy task. There were many prepared and wonderful auditions.
Thank you for coming, I hope you will enjoy your experience participating and trust that we can work together to make a spectacular show while allowing everyone to grow and learn.
Our first rehearsal will be Monday Evening at 8:30 at the Dance Studio at 519 Main for Cast A & B Only- but NOT any orphans. Stay tuned for the Schedule. I will do my best to accommodate.
Scripts will be available at the first rehearsal for a $20 deposit that is refundable when it is returned.
THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE at the discretion of the Director
(Perform Friday & Saturday Evenings)
Annie: Gianna Westlund 
Miss Hannigan: Andrea Williams
Pepper      Kaylie W.
July           Sarah Grace
Molly         Addison S.
Duffy        Ali L.
Tessie       Alley G.
Kate          Abby P.
Grace:    Jennifer Harrison
Warbucks: John Bailey
Rooster: James Lange 
Lily:  Hannah Peterson
CAST B (Perform Thursday Evenings & Saturday Matinees)
Annie: Bailey Gilkeson
Miss Hannigan: Kiera Ryan (Jennifer Harrison-understudy)
Pepper      Lydia S.
July           Zoey
Molly        Addison S. 
                 (Bella -understudy)
Duffy        Ali L.
Tessie      Alley G.
Kate         Abby P.
Grace:    Courtney Burnes
Warbucks: John Bailey
Rooster: Joel Harrison 
Lily:  Honor Harrison
Orphans, Servants, Hooverville, NYC, ect…
Each will have 4-5 scenes with singing, dancing, and lines.

Elizabeth G.
Caleb G
Rebecca G.
Briley G.
Kyleigh P.
Tom M.
Carmen M.
Hanna M.
Meadow M.
Alex. F.
Cheyenne L.
Gavin R.
Lissy P.
Matt P.
Corbin A.
Ty M.
Colin C.
Sophie M.
Quincy C.
Jaeda A.
Mariah M
Deserah M.
Mindy D.
Sam D.
David A.
Brody A.
Amanda L.
Lauren L.
Konnor W.
......and more
*with the exception of “Annie” ALL Cast A & B are welcome to join the ensemble on the evenings off if you would like. Let me know before the first rehearsal.

If your name is not listed, please contact me at 417-254-3168 so as to not leave anyone out that registered.

Thank you