Monday, August 28, 2017


Annie Audition Results

Thank you for coming and participating in this exciting event. We had a wonderful turn out. If there are any of you who did not have the opportunity to register, you are still welcome to do so until September 8. Everyone who auditioned and registered will be a part of the production.
Each person is given a number to prevent Bias from the Judges
Scores are given during auditions. This is the following breakdown:
o   60% Vocals (pitch, phrasing, annunciation, rhythms)
o   30% Stage Presence (memory, audience engaged, choreo, acting)
o   10% appearance (How well you dressed for the character)
Scores are added and averaged to decide the final call backs: they are posted in order of scores
Tuesday,  August  29 at 7:00 pm at 519 Main Street will be the Call Backs
Here we will determine chemistry and how well the character voices blend
Please prepare the following for each character call back:
Go to: 
Annie:   Zoey, Gianna, Bailey, and Abby
Orphans: Ali L, Alley G., Bella, Addison, Sarah Grace, Hazel, Kaylie
Hannigan: Jennifer, Andrea, Kierra
Be familiar and know dialogue and music for All of Scene 1 #2  thru #4
Annie:   Zoey, Gianna, Bailey and Abby
Grace:  Courtney, Carmen, Elizabeth, Alex
Warbucks: John
Be familiar and know dialogue and music for All of page 47-53 and NYC song
Hannigan: Jennifer, Andrea, Kierra
Lily/ Rooster:  Hannah & James , Joel & Honor
Be familiar and know the Dialogue and music for all of page 63 starting with Rooster to pg 69 with Easy Street song
Good Luck. At this point scores will start over again based on call back performance. Everyone who did not have a call back has parts- there are 33 roles to fill- these were just the ones that needed to come back to make final decisions.
Stay tuned for rehearsal schedule