Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Little Mermaid, Jr. callbacks Feb. 10

The music for The Little Mermaid, Jr. will be posted in the Facebook theatre group ASAP. We're having some computer difficulties getting it uploaded.

The following will be performing Call Backs on February 10th at our first rehearsal. There will be a panel of judges made up of Board members and civilians to determine our cast.

After the call backs are complete the cast will learn the Finale Song: Part of Your World
Please come prepared.

Flounder: Meadow Miller, Farad Thomas, Jonas, GiGi Westlund
Jetsam & Flotsam: Madison Peterson & Tia Copling, Reagan Wells & Kelsey Pritchett
Ursula: Hannah Peterson, Courtney Burnes
Sebastian: James Lange
Ariel: Meagan Lange, Brante Copling, Maddie Tune, Elaina Johnson, Elaine Hines
Scuttle: Gabe Pruett, Michaelah Knarr, Jackson Williams

Please select a piece that is for the specific character. You will need to sing a capella, and you will be graded on vocals, character achievement, stage presence, and annunciation. Good Luck, can't wait to see you!