Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Little Mermaid Cast List

Attention: The following is not the final cast list. This is an outline to get us started. CREW A will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30-8:30. CREW B Will only attend on Thursday rehearsals until further notice. All understudies do not need to attend their understudy part at this time. If your child is under the age of 6 you can attend at your discretion; if needed they can wait until the latter part of March. I will announce what we will be working on each week. It is suggested that you allow your child to practice the songs that we will be working on so they become familiar with them. They can be found on our theater face book page. Thank you for participating.

Assistant Director: Wyatt Ennis

Prince Eric: Aiden Stack / Understudy: Kamron Whipple

Grimsby: Blake Williams / Understudy: Duncan Stack

Sebastian: James Lange / Understudy: Forest Swisher

Carlotta: Courtney Burnes / Understudy: Lissy Pettibone

Flounder: Gianna Westlund / Understudy: Farad Thomas & Meadow Miller

Ursula: Hannah Peterson / Understudy: Courtney Burnes

Flotsam & Jetsam: Kelsey Pritchett & Reagan Wells / Understudy: Anna Gale & Aubrey Crockett

Scuttle: Gabe Pruett / Understudy: Michaelah Knarr

Chef: Forest Swisher / Understudy: Marc Rosso

Ariel: Megan Lange, Elaine Hines and Alaina Johnson

Sailors & Chefs & Princes or Scuttle Friends:
Jackson Williams
Kamron Whipple
Cade Copling
Duncan Stack
Warren Ennis
Levi Grogan
Forest Swisher

Pilot: Marc Rosso

Sea Horse: Hazel Miller

King Triton: Jett

Sea Creatures:
Gracie Tottingham
Megan Rosso
Natalie Rosso
Kylie Ennis
Warren Ennis
Lydia Randelman
Kierra Wiggs
Lissy Pettibone
Alyssa Grogan
Pharona Thomas
Farad Thomas
Savannah Ryan
Alley Gilkeson
Bailey Gilkeson
Max Gilkeson
Theo Miller
Elizabeth Rajski
Larkin Rajski
Anna Gale
Arieanna Bloom
Sophie Metty
Cheyenne Lundberg
Jacina Crockett
Aubrey Crockett
Corbin Arwood
Jaeda Arwood
Abby Peterson
Weston Peterson
Zane Copling
Shandra Copling
Ayzlee Copling
Braxton Copling
Meadow Miller
(other cast xtras)

Seagull friends: Michaelah Knarr

MerSisters: / Understudy: Any of the 6 Princesses
Aquata – Briley Gilkeson
Andrina – Amanda Lange
Arista – _____________(Xtra Ariel)
Atina – ___________ __(xtra Ariel)
Adella- Maddie Peterson
Allana- Kyleigh Peterson

Princesses and water crew: / Understudy: Any of the Mersisters
Mady Tune
Brante Copling
Tia Copling
Kiana Copling
Bailey Gilkeson
Hannah Sorrells