Thursday, May 25, 2017


GOOD MORNING my fellow friends and students, this is our first week off and I miss you all! We had a wonderful weekend starting with the Friday evening show in Mountain View, followed by the variety show in Willow Springs, followed by the stars rise fun raiser in Willow Springs, followed by Mountain Grove music recital, followed by yesterday with our visitor Joel Harrison. Phew...It's amazing to think how far our students have come in the last year. And we have so many wonderful things planned for the next year to help enhance their talents.

If any of you have some great pictures or videos of this last weekend's events, please send them to 417-254-3168, or I will need them for our historian to put in the scrapbook, as well as I would like to post them on our main Facebook page.

Also remember to catch up your tuition. You will not have a bill for the next three months, so if for some reason you have gotten a little behind this is a good time to catch up without it being a burden, hopefully.😉

If you need some service hours we have several events coming up this summer you can help with. The first one is the glow run, if you are interested in assisting please call Cindy Bobe at 417-217-9430. And I will be out in the botanical garden tomorrow cleaning up if anyone is interested call at 417-254-3168.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer and I get to see you at our camps.🤗