Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Month of May

Please READ CAREFULLY there is a lot and includes those who participated in Jungle Book😊

MUSICIANS: MAY 13, Cabool Auditorium 7:00

Any orchestra players may join SOCO in this concert – practices are Tuesday evening at the Ferguson building in Willow Springs, 7-9-I have all the music if you are interested. Not required but appreciated.


May 16th will be the last day of class for the semester. All parents are invited to attend and observe their child's progress and demonstrations.


This will be our last day of lessons. After lessons, That evening at 7 PM at the youth center we will hold a recital for friends and family to attend. If you have not already given me a number of guests please let me know.

EVERYONE: STARS May 20th Concert Agenda:

Due to location and participants out of town; here is the following schedule:

Saturday at 2:00 at the Grimes Auditorium in Willow Springs will be a Variety Show Fundraiser.

6 Improv class skits
4 small ensemble orchestra numbers
4 vocal pieces
Jazmynn's classes will perform-3
2 pianists
Solo/duet dance numbers
Displayed Art Projects

MAY 20th 7:00 STAR Theater in Willow Springs

After the fire, they have restored the theater and it will be completed May 20. They will be holding an opening show as a fundraiser. They have asked STARS to do the following if available:

Perform in costume: the ensemble for "I wanna be like you" from our Jungle Book Production
Clogging number "Good to be Alive"
Kyleighs Acapella clog
Hannah's Contemporary Ballet Dance
John Bailey singing "Till I hear you Sing" and "Danny Boy"
And all orchestra members perform Phantom, Pirates, and Star Wars
(All Stuff we already know)

MUSICIANS: MAY 21, Sunday 3:00 At the Mountain Grove Family Church

This will be the last student music recital before STARS is closed for the summer.

CLOGGERS: stay tuned for Lori's post

Phew....that was alot😜
Feel free to call 417-254-3168 for any questions. summer is around the corner😀