Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Miracles Happen

To those who are special in our lives:

We had a miracle and probably the most traumatizing experience yesterday morning. A typical day, on our way to St Louis to pick up our daughter's new born sister. It was raining and we already had storms all through the night. We were in a serious life threatening accident. I have attached pictures and some explanations of the incident in the captions.I remember breaking down after the adrenaline rush and sitting with my family recognizing the Lord's hand in every detail of the accident. When our family told some friends and family of what happened and they saw us they did not think much of it. They saw that we were safe and fine, but this is more of an eye opener to a miracle, not just an accident. This was my first accident and I never want to do it again. The ambulance workers looked like they had seen ghosts when they could not find a scratch on us and we were covered in glass from head to toe. They told us we would feel the worse the 3rd day, well it is 24 hours later, and my body is paralyzed and I cannot move without being in severe pain. Kyleigh is in pain and stiff, but mobile, and the baby is PERFECTLY normal. I know eventually it will go away, it just made me realize how much your body goes into shock to survive. Most of you have been in serious accidents as well, I remember hearing them and being amazed by it. I never thought I would live to tell one.

Love you, Rebecca

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