Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thursday callback information

Call backs are again at 5:30 Thursday evening at STARS, it will be a closed audition. All students will be with judges without an audience.

Here is a more detailed outline of the parts needed, it will be A Cappella with note cues. Look Forward to Seeing you.

Bert, Mary Poppins, Michael, Jane - Acting: 18- middle of 20  Jolly Holiday:  just to measure 52 and 69-70 with All of ChimChimCheree


Van Hussler  (German) - 42-43 “Precision and Order” measures 102-118

Mary, Michael, and Jane - 63-64 to #12 song     Learn “Perfect Nanny”


Corry (Caribbean) 51-53 - “Supercalifragilistic…….” measures 52-68

Miss Andrews 74-75 “Brimstone and treacle” Part 1  All