Thursday, April 11, 2013

Performances of "Alice in Wonderland" start next week

Ever been to an “un-birthday party?” Well, here’s your opportunity to attend and also to enjoy the music of singing flowers and dancing lobsters that are part of the STAR Foundation’s presentation of Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” on April 18, 19, 20 and again on April 25, 26, 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the Willow Springs Star Theatre.

Travel with Alice as she encounters the zany world of talking animals and wacky characters in her pursuit of a white rabbit (played by Jackson Williams), rattled by the realization that he is late for an important event, the focus of the musical refrain “I’m late, I’m late.” The audience will tap to the beat of Bailey Gilkeson’s version of the animated caterpillar’s jovial “Zippidy dooh dah” and Courtney Burns’ portrayal of the Queen of Hearts chanting “Painting the Roses Red.” Once at the party, enjoy Wyatt Ennis as the Mad Hatter’s jittery refrain, “A Very Merry Un-birthday,” as the Disney characters come to life on the Willow Springs stage.

Rehearsals for the 75-member cast have been under way at the STARS Foundation center in Cabool since late March. Thirty-five cast members are participants in the STARS Foundation fine arts program where they receive instruction and experience with musical instruments and artistic tools on a weekly basis.

The public is invited to an evening of pleasure and delight that will create new memories for the younger members of the audience and spark remembrances of the storybook and the film by the older set. For tickets, call 417-254-3168 or visit your local Landmark Banks to purchase them.

For those anxious to attend a unique un-birthday, the STARS Foundation will hold a fundraiser “un-birthday” party at the Houston Walmart on April 13, featuring tasty goods, gift cards, tickets, and music. Come join us!

Actors pictured in the "Un-birthday Party” scene are, from left, Kyleigh Peterson, Cabool; Brante Copling, Mtn Grove; Hannah Peterson, Cabool; Madison Donnalley, Cabool; Blake Williams, Cabool; Jacob Heath, Cabool; Wyatt Ennis, Willow Springs.

Courtesy, The Cabool Enterprise